The German Acro & Aerial Festival is a weekend for everyone who is interested in either partner acrobatics or  aerials – or both.

  • Workshops for all levels from beginner to master classes.
  • Introduction Workshops on Friday for absolute beginners
  • There will be several workshops running parallel
  • Workshops taught in german and english
  • Warm ups, Cool downs with Prehab, Yoga, Pilates
  • Therapeutic and Restorative Classes like Thai Massage
  • There will be a dedicated space for your own training including the use of 2 sets of lines.
  • Open Stage Show on Saturday
  • Late night open gym

We have a big indoor gym fully equipt with mats and lines for acrobatics ,crashmats and all kind of aerial equipment for aerialists like Trapeze, Silks, Aerial Hoop, Rope, Hammack and Aerial Yoga.

We have separate rooms for therapeutics and if the weather is nice there will be puzzle matts outside in the grass.

There is a indoor swimming pool for us!

The “All inclusive Ticket” comes with food (veg. or meat) and a room on the side and all the Workshops .

!Covid restriction Sep. 2020!

Please bring a mask, as you have to wear it in the hallway to the rooms and before and after food

There is one way restrictions in the hall way of the rooms and for food which we have to make sure we are aware of (there will be signs)

Only participants that stay over night can join the meals – only the all inclusive tickets (of course you can bring your own food)

Washing our hands before and after acro and aerials

Making sure you are feeling happy and healthy, if you are unwell, please don t join!

In the Gym, we are allowed to do do acro and aerials in groups (and without masks, as contact sport in Hessen is allowed since august 1st. 🙂